Thursday, December 11, 2014

Oatman, AZ #2

In the first post, I mentioned that many burrows roamed the town of Oatman. Here, one of them came to check me out, but seemed a little nervous to get too close unless I had some food. I tried to sit on his back, but he was not going to have any part of that nonsense.
Warmest regards, Gus

Trip to Oatman, AZ

Today, I took a road trip from Lake Havasu City, AZ, to Oatman, AZ. Oatman is an old, almost-abandoned, gold mining town near Kingman. Oatman is on the old Route 66 connecting Chicago and and Los Angeles. Tourism is the main economic contributor to Oatman today. There are a number of shops, restaurants and the locals even stage gunfights to lure the tourists to town. I thinks there are more wild burrows than people living here.
Warmest regards, Gus

Monday, October 13, 2014

#28 Stewart/Hyder to Anacortes, WA

Yes, I finally did leave Canada and get back to the U.S. When we left Stewart/Hyder (B.C./Alaska) we drove to Ft. Telkwa, Prince George, Cache Creek, Rosedale and then to Anacortes, Washington.
In the picture at left, I am looking down on the bridge crossing the gorge at Hell's Gate. I actually took the gondola across to the village and walked across the bridge.
When we got to Anacortes, we had a great farewell dinner followed by a "good-bye brreakfast" with lots of hugs as everyone went off in all directions. Many of us met up again in Redmond, Oregon, for the Family Motor Coach Association Rally.
I made many new friends on this trip and am looking forward to seeing them again in the coming years.
Since leaving Redmond, I have been to Coloado Springs, Blue Mesa (Gunnison), Moab, Utah and today I am at Monument Valley (Navajo Tribal Park) in AZ/Utah.
Warmest regards, Gus

Friday, September 12, 2014

Alaska # 27 Stewart/Hyder

 After leaving Skagway, Cousins Jim and Pat took me to Stewart, BC/Hyder, Alaska. On the way, there were beautful views, including more glaciers. The best part of the trip was watching the bears in Hyder. The black bear standing by the water was determined to catch a salmon for dinner. However he was a little too slow and when he jumped into the water, the salmon swam away safely--probably to be caught by a quicker bear.
Warmest regards, Gus

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Alaska #26 Skagway

In Haines, AK, cousin Jim put the motorhome on the ferry and we went to Skagway. In Skagway, I took a ride  on the White Pass & Yukon Route train and saw some beautiful country, crossed some old bridges and went through some tunnels. I visited some of the shops in downtown Skagway, but you can see in the second picture that the town gets pretty quiet after the tour ships leave. From our campground we could watch the ships start arrivng after 4:00 AM and start leaving around 5:00 PM. From Skagway we started the long trek home. We drove to Teslin, YT, and then to Watson Lake. From Watson Lake we traveled to Stewart, BC/Hyder, Alaska. Check the next edition for details of that trip. Warmest regards, Gus

Friday, August 8, 2014

Alaska # 25

Sorry I left you all hanging, wondering if I ever got back to Haines from Juneau. Well, I have had very poor internet service since then as I travelled back to the lower 48.  However, I did get back to Anacortes, WA, and will try to catch up on the trip.
The reason I got back from Juneau safely was because Anna took control and made me behave on the boat. She fed me some salmon chowder and kept me out of trouble. Nothing like a full stomach.
The big event on the return trip was whale watching. Our Captain had learned where the Humpback whales were hanging out that evening and he found them. Using a hydraphone, I was able to listen to the lead whale give a signal to the other 11 whales who were circling the fish and they all surfaced at the same time to grab their dinner. It was amazing to see 12 whales all surface at the same time. What a sight to see.
I will write more later.
Warmest regards, Gus

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Alaska #24 Juneau

After I arrived in Juneau yesterday (see #23), I boarded a bus to go downtown. On the bus, I learned some of the history of Juneau and learned to talk like a native. I now refer to "the road," "the bridge," and "the canal." 
After watching cousins Jim and Pat eat crab legs for lunch, I got to wander into some of the shops on Main Street. I looked at diamonds, emeralds, etc., and found everything to be out of my price range. I had hoped to buy a nice ring for Tedi (Tedi and I met in Jasper--See post #3) but just couldn't afford a nice one.
Later in the afternoon, I re-boarded the bus and visited Mendenhall Glacier (See photo). I saw a nice movie and another presentation about how the glacier is receding. It has receded about 2.5 miles since the mid-1700s.
From the glacier, it was back to the Fjordland Express, our 85' catamaran, for the return trip to Haines.
I have a feeling Captian Glen is going to be watching me very carefully on this trip.
Warmest regards, Gus